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The Abyss Guide now has a 4-page Character Sheet, and 6 pages of add-ons!

After a temporary hiatus, the Grey Jackal is back in action!


 Memories: We Were So Young and Stupid...

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PostSubject: Memories: We Were So Young and Stupid...   Memories: We Were So Young and Stupid... Icon_minitimeSat Jun 23, 2012 7:43 pm

This is the original version of our mission statement/greeting/recruitment attempt, posted here for posthumous appreciation, enjoy!

Gattison, valismedsen, and I have decided to combine our abilities and formed 'Grey Jackal Fan Productions'. We’re going to be constructing a compendium, book by book for Vampire. As we complete supplements they’ll be edited and slotted into the greater collection. We’ll be looking to the boards in general for feedback.

Currently we’re working on completing the Abyss Mysticism supplement. If you have any suggestions for source material we should look at in cWOD on the Abyss, that’d be awesome, even better if you already have something to contribute. We’re trying to stick as close to canon as possible.

What we write constitute fan-fiction (fanon). Our books are predominantly toolboxes; the intent is to work within Canon (compatible with Revised/V20) to produce something creative and functional. The information in our books will be formatted as a series of optional sidebars, or chapters that are the equivalent of a sidebar.
As relates to VTES, potentially contained at the back of each book will be 6-10 VTES cards based on the info in the books; styled as bookmarks, 3 cards per bookmark, and 3-4 bookmarks per book.

We’re more than happy to invite other fan-created content and development groups or individuals into our group, and either incorporate their pre-existing works, or ‘publish’ and format their work under Grey Jackal.

A potential developmental concept is to receive the official WW stamp, allowing us to be a recognized WW fan-production supplement group who publishes open-content on the WW forum that can be developed by the community at large. This would allow us the ability to publish POD books through DrivethruRPG and earn a small living for the writers and contributors, while encourage use of the WW forums and purchasing of future official products.

Current Team Roster
-The Howling Void

Names we’d love to see up there ^
-Mr. Gone
-The Baron
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Memories: We Were So Young and Stupid...
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