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The Abyss Guide now has a 4-page Character Sheet, and 6 pages of add-ons!

After a temporary hiatus, the Grey Jackal is back in action!


 Someone, somewhere... knows Byrsa's story....

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Someone, somewhere... knows Byrsa's story.... Empty
PostSubject: Someone, somewhere... knows Byrsa's story....   Someone, somewhere... knows Byrsa's story.... Icon_minitimeFri Mar 14, 2014 1:22 am

If you think about it (just brainstorming), "Byrsa's" text in the beginning of Chapter One is presented as "in-character." Right? So why then is her complete list of identities provided directly before this piece?

I'll tell you the real reason, pure MF'in coincidence. Bruno wrote it, he included that for whatever reason, and let me see it. I said "cool" and put it in the book. I later went back and italicized the beginning to make it look more like a CWoD book, an it ended up having the appearance of a Storyteller note before a big reveal... to me anyway.

So, if it's in-character, why is the author's full identity revealed, in total, hitting on all her major personas with positions of power? All an ST has to do is say Byrasa also posed as one particular NPC they already know and bam! there ahe is. My point is, someone knows this. In-character, someone is reading this and learned this and knows this now. Not only that, they also know all about who wrote it.

Who is this character that knows this? Is it Byrsa's childe/student/whatever-I-don't-remember-because-it's-been-a-year-since-I-read-Byrsa's-write-up, who survived her and somehow acts in response to her legacy? To revive/steal knowledge from/destroy her?

Is it the unlucky ghoul, Ava Mercdante, who in my mind I felt like could have been the one who carried all this information, perhaps as she searches for her domitor. The inference was subtle, but I always hoped it would have been "revealed" in a different Grey Jackal book besides the Abyss-Guide. It was one of many, awkward seeds I planted here and there, with metaplot in mind, honestly. Weird, I know, but hey.

Was it some other character? Perhaps the Casuli, or some other character for some other reason?

Was it the Grey Jackal himself, Kül Renkli Çakal? Our supposed terrible-Methuselah/possible-Antediluvian? If so perhaps our story has him searching out Temporis, stealing it from Byrsa, learning about Abyss Mysticism, and then from there...? I guess he would be somehow coincidentally responsible for some great catastrophe mentioned in the next book, and it would be "dark, shadowy, Abyssal," I guess...?

What are your thoughts on who knows about Byrsa and has thus read this particular passage ("Dark Thoughts," p. 7, Abyss-Guide) in Byrsa's notes? I'll agree with anything intensely metaplot-ish, because that gets me off. Oh yeah.
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Someone, somewhere... knows Byrsa's story....
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